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WebResults & Salesforce

We develop applications directly on the Salesforce platform and innovative solutions that support customers in expanding their business.

Salesforce areas we operate

Experience Cloud

Digital experience

Quickly create using point&click editors or code sites, applications and portals to manage interaction with your customers.



Enhance the learning experience with a dedicated platform for easy and engaging learning for employees, customers and partners.

Sales Cloud


Sales Cloud is the Salesforce solution designed to speed up the sales funnel.

Commerce Cloud


Commerce Cloud allows you to manage your online business, building effective relationships with your customers, order after order.

MuleSoft Anypoint Platform


MuleSoft integrates data sources from any system to complete critical projects and meet any deadline.

Salesforce Platform


Personalized and agile digital solutions and apps to meet new customer and employee needs.

Salesforce Industries

Vertical by sectors

Financial Services, Retail, Manufacturing, Consumer Goods, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Telco & Media, Government: How Salesforce CRM can help companies in every industry.

Marketing Cloud & Datorama


Marketing Cloud allows you to send your customers the right message at the right time by leveraging intelligent marketing automation.

Tableau CRM


Tableau collects data and helps employees work better, wherever they are.

Service Cloud

Customer Service

Service Cloud, the Salesforce solution for customer care.

One platform, endless possibilities

Salesforce Customer 360

Salesforce is more than just a CRM. It offers tailored solutions for every stage of the customer journey, from lead management to post-sales.

Discover all the Salesforce solutions designed for all your needs.

Our innovative solutions



Our vertical solutions and cstand-alone capabilities are designed to facilitate your projects and allow you to quickly achieve your goals. Over the years we have developed and made available to our customers a catalogue of more or less complex solutions to support different project requirements.

Adopting an accelerator allows you to arrive at a solution while reducing effort and time-to-market.

ProcessClick: the BPM for your Salesforce environment

ProcessClick is an app on the official Salesforce marketplace (AppExchange) that leverages the full potential provided by Salesforce to ooptimize the management and vision of business processes, through a methodology that supports the design and creation of processes, offering declarative and point-and-click tools, ideal for reducing the gap and misunderstandings between technical staff and business.