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Thanks to Salesforce and a customer-centric approach, we have centralised and optimised the marketing, commercial and sales processes of a major player in the banking sector

Approach & Solution



We worked for a European leader in the design, implementation and management of technology infrastructures and services for financial institutions, central banks, enterprises and public administrations and in the areas of Card & Merchant Solutions, Digital Payment Solutions and Capital Market & Network Solutions.

The aim was to have a single system to centralise commercial and marketing information in order to optimise sales, planning and control processes, in sync with the finance and administration department.


The solution has been designed with a 'customer centric' approach, developing tools (such as wizards and automations) to help users easily navigate through the different processes and facilitate the sharing of customer information, making it possible to have a centralised view of them through a standardised taxonomy of services. Equally traceable are the various opportunities and each billing and budgeting process with the ability to monitor deviations through comparison with the sales pipeline. Integrations with other systems allowed synchronisation between CRM and legacy systems, Dashboards & Reports for KPIs and accurate performance monitoring completed the picture.


10 Integrated companies &
50 countries involved

2000 Monthly managed customers

11000+ Global records migrated

88 Sales-side global users

8000+ Monthly managed Opportunities

20 Custom objects managed

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