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Salesforce BPM

ProcessClick, the Agile BPM for Salesforce CRM

A Salesforce CRM application that supports organisations in setting up and implementing complex business processes


Digital Transformation applied to Business Process Management

ProcessClick allows you to configure, manage and analyse the lifecycle of business processes on your Salesforce CRM, identifying bottlenecks and areas for optimisation.

It is a customisable Business Process Management solution that improves the design and maintenance of complex processes at every level of the organisation, reducing errors and delays in workflows.

Using a proven methodology, the application supports the design and implementation of well-structured solutions.
Cos’è il Business Process Management

How ProcessClick works

ProcessClick is a specialised suite of «point-and-click» tools that enables the lifecycle configuration of every business process on the Salesforce platform.

When processes are executed, their design is applied in real time by the framework. Impermissible changes are rejected and thus the overall state of the system remains consistent.

The framework provides tools to support the implementation of business workflows and activities. Visual tools describe process configurations, acting as a self-documentation tool to address changes or evolutions.

ProcessClick features

  • Phase Manager
    It configures and guides the complete life cycle of each business process. A flow chart and phase matrix describe the process state model and thus the underlying business logic
  • Catalog
    It organises the processes available to operators in a single start-up console. Availability is configurable according to operator type and other contextual information (e.g. type of customer to be served)
  • Compatibility
    Prohibits the creation of a process incompatible with the current state of the system, by observing other processes running, e.g. for the same customer
  • Dependencies
    Suspends the execution of a process while waiting for other parallel processes to complete, providing a semaphore between instances of different processes running
  • Activities
    Automatically creates and assigns tasks to operators based on process status. Offers configurable template mechanisms and completion forms with a layout generator
  • Integration
    Handles incoming and outgoing calls at specific points in the process, using a dynamic format that simplifies integration tasks